How it all started… 

It was 7 years ago when Kamden was born. 3 days later, he was rushed to the NICU. We found out he was having 96 seizures per minute. They ran every test possible for the next 3 weeks to find out what was wrong with him. Then they told us he had Zellweger’s Syndrome- a very rare fatal disease and that he would have 3 months max to live. My best friend Nadia flew out and helped me raise Kamden. We gave him so much love. We even celebrated a birthday for him each month to honor that he was still alive. He lived for a full 9 months.

Nadia helped me initially formulate the organization. If you will, she was my partner- both in starting this whole concept and helping me raise Kamden. It was the three of us.  3 years after Kamden passed away, Nadia became ill and passed away. They are now together on the other side, helping guide me. I miss them every day, and he is the inspiration behind Kamden’s Room. 

Kamden is the living force behind this mission, as we refuse to let his name go in vain. But it is so much bigger than that. The vision is to give children hope for a bright future that they feel they can have the opportunity to create for themselves. Kamden’s Room is not about being a physical location but rather the positive energy we bring to children by giving them books on mindfulness and teaching them how to meditate. Their well-being is a great foundation for a successful future for them.

What we have done so far:

So far, between 2017-and 2020 when the pandemic hit, Kamden’s Room has given underprivileged children inspirational children’s books, taught them how to meditate, and contributed to giving them nutritional snacks and school supplies. Kamden’s Room has brought this energy to Baltimore, Rishikesh, India, and O’Cap Haiti.

What we are working on now:

According to the American Library Association, by the age of 18, you should have at least 284 books in your personal library. As you know, we believe books put a smile on your face and bring positive energy. Therefore, we are continuing to spread positive energy plus taking on the cause to help bridge the gap of access to books in areas that are marginalized and under served, who are in need of seeing and reading stories about people that look like them. So, Kamden’s Room has partnered with Eclectuals Bookstore to design and create Kamden’s Book Corner! Kamden’s Book Corner by Eclectuals, is an in home ‘grow-with-me’ library curated to expand from birth to 18 years of age. Our goal through this partnership and with your help is to provide in home personal libraries including public access structures to all marginalized and under served children and students thereby ending book deserts around the world! You can check out more information on Eclectuals ‘Grow-With-Me’ Library here.

While Kamden’s Room has been on a hiatus, we are in the works of building a solid board and team members and doing the backend legwork to apply for tax exemption.

*This nonprofit is not currently active

We are in the works and process of continuing forward. If you feel called to donate to our cause, please scan the QR Code below or press here: