About Us

Kamden Room:

The name Kamden’s Room is inspired by Kamden Lee Efevberha. He only lived for 9 precious months. After he was born, we discovered he had a very rare fatal disease called Zellweger’s Syndrome. Because it was so rare, there was no cure or chance for survival. So we gave Kamden all the love we could give him during his short stay here. Kamden’s Room is devoted to giving children a chance Kamden was never fortunate enough to have.

What is it:

Kamden’s Room is not a physical location but it is rather the positive energy we bring to children in impoverished countries like India, Africa (where Kamden’s dad is from,) Haiti, and other impoverished nations to give children the chance to read, meditate, be free, be at peace, be excited about education, grow, and smile. There is no limit to what we can donate to children as long as it is positive for their upbringing. Kamden’s Room is a nonprofit project we are working to get back up and running. Due to all the negative stigma with “nonprofits, charities, foundations, and philanthropic endeavors,” we are choosing to be different and call this an ongoing project initiative: “The Smile Campaign”

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