Smile Campaign

Kamden’s Room recently partnered with one of the world’s largest book distributors. We are so happy now we will have access to many books. Help us get these books over here to use in the U.S. and then overseas by helping donate for freight cost/labor.

​The Smile Campaign is an ongoing campaign that is starting off by challenging everyone in a corporation to donate at least $1 for a book per child. It costs $1 to ship one book to the global countries we have partnered with. The idea is to get these positive books to children in impoverished countries like India, Africa, Guatemala, Peru, Jamaica, etc. The Smile Campaign will start by giving books and guided meditation to children in these countries. We will teach mothers how to meditate and teach their children how to meditate for a few minutes a day. Frequently, illiterate children come from families too poor to put them in school, let alone have books to read. They lack resources, and they lack education. All of this constitutes their happiness and how they can evolve and obtain the freedom of ability to gain “self-government.” As Albert Pike so gracefully states: “Education is the greatest, yea, the only safeguard of liberty. When was there ever a country where the common people were uniformly uneducated, in which they were not enslaved? A community of ignorant and uneducated men is Not capable of self-government.”

How to get started:

​It’s as easy as hosting a challenge within your corporation for every employee to donate $1 for 1 book for 1 child. The organization that donates the most will win a prize every year. The prize will consist of a selected few in the organization going to one of these countries themselves to volunteer. Volunteering can consist of reading to children, teaching them meditation, bringing them clothes or toys, etc. Anything positive and beneficial for their upbringing. The aim is to volunteer at helping every child smile.